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Meghan Benton

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Meghan Benton

Policy Analyst

Meghan Benton is a Policy Analyst in the International Program at MPI, where she works for the Transatlantic Council on Migration and on European migration. She is also a Nonresident Fellow with Migration Policy Institute Europe.

Her research interests include citizenship policy, immigrant integration, and intra-EU mobility.

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Before joining MPI, Dr. Benton was a Research Associate at University College London’s Constitution Unit, where she published several reports on the UK Parliament, parliamentary committees, and the legislative process. Previously, she worked for the Institute for Public Policy Research in London, where she authored a number of papers and reports on education and young people.

Dr. Benton received her PhD in political science from University College London in 2010. Her PhD research — on citizenship and the rights of noncitizens — has been published in high-ranking social and political philosophy journals. She also holds a master’s degree in legal and political theory (with distinction) from University College London, and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and literature from Warwick University.


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